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What is Scooby’s Animal Mission?

We are a nonprofit foster based animal rescue. That means that every animal that comes in to our rescue is placed into a foster home.

One of our policies is that every animal in our care has to be vetted, vaccinated and spayed or neutered prior to being adopted out. We do this to help prevent overpopulation which, several organizations state, is the number one cause of death of companion animals in the U.S.

We are also with these animals for life. When an animal is adopted from us, the adopter has to sign a contract stating that if they don’t want or can no longer keep the animal, they must return the animal to us or work with us on transferring the animal to a new home.

Every cent that comes into the organization goes straight back to the animals. We are completely volunteer based, including the Board of Directors.

Our mission statement is:

We are a nonprofit organization that is here to assist in the rescue and placement of animals in need. We want to help save the lives of the animals in our community while providing resources and education to our community members on animal care and wellness.

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