Would you like to be a part of helping save an animal that required extensive medical care? Or help an older animal to live out its days in a loving, safe home with lots of love? If so, please consider sponsoring one of our animals. With a sponsorship donation of $25 or more we will send emails to you with the animals story, and updates on the animal. If you would like to sponsor an animal for someone else, just put in their contact information and name and we will send all the emails to them.

Medical Sponsorship

Most of our donations go to rescuing animals that need the basic medical care and are then able to be put up for adoption. Unfortunately, we also get cases where an animal has been severely neglected, abused or abandoned because of or resulting in severe medical issues. These individual cases are costly for our rescue and can’t be completely budgeted for. The cost for these animals also impacts the rest of the rescue, however we don’t want to give up on these animals which have already had a tough life. Please consider sponsoring an medical needs animal and helping out with the cost to save their life and get them in a safe and loving forever home.

Hospice Sponsorship

We take in several older animals whose owners can no longer care for them. In many cases that home was the only home they ever knew so it’s scary for them to go to a new one. These animals can be very hard to place since they probably only have a short time left. We don’t want these animals lives to be shortened because nobody wants an older animal. Most don’t want to invest money in a pet they will only have a limited amount of time. We have found loving individuals who specifically want senior animals, to give them as much love as they can for as long as they have. Cost of care for them tends to be higher so we need to help these special people off-set the care cost. Please consider sponsoring a hospice animal so they can live out the rest of their life in comfort of a loving home.

Pets Needing Sponsorship

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